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Nuclear energy does not emit carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas,
This is an important option for protecting the global environment.
Compared to other energy sources such as oil and coal, nuclear power
Due to its high energy density,
You are required to prepare for accidents.
However, due to the characteristics of the materials that make up
high-temperature gas furnaces,

This is the only furnace type that is inherently safe
and prevents severe accidents from occurring.

No more worries about accidents.

We innovatively develop safe nuclear power systems,
We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 19.14.15.png

​Cluster type design

Blossom Energy's nuclear reactor system supports multiple reactors.

It is clustered (parallelized) and used as a heat source.

Just by developing one reactor core,

We can provide nuclear power plants with various outputs according to the requirements of the demand area.




High power generation efficiency using high temperature steam


Excellent output adjustment


Low design and development costs


Short development lead time

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