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Shimpei Hamamoto


Kobe University of Mercantile Marine (currently Kobe University)

Earned a bachelor's degree in research on coating materials for the first wall of fusion reactors.

At the same graduate school, he earned a master's degree in research on seawater uranium extraction technology.


Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Engaged in research reactor operation, maintenance, and research and development for 20 years.


University of Tsukuba Graduate School

Earned doctoral degree in research on high-temperature gas reactors


Blossom Energy Co., Ltd. established and appointed as representative director


Jun Tsuneishi


Entered the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Osaka University
During my studies, I took a leave of absence and interned in Singapore for about a year.

After starting a business, I found a job after returning to Japan.


Mynet Marketing Co., Ltd., engaged in business development and new business development.


Since the founding of Doorkel Co., Ltd., he has been involved in company management, launching and promoting multiple businesses, and recruiting as a director.


Blossom Energy Co., Ltd.

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